Open Platform Introduction

KingData Open Platform is a user-defined indicators layer, built by the community.

KingData is a platform focusing on data monitoring and broadcasting in the Web3. Currently, the platform has opened 500+ indicators for users to choose, covering various subdivisions, and is determined to become a necessary data monitoring platform for Web3 users. Let industry users not miss any data fluctuations that they care about.

In order to provide more valuable data change services to industry users, KingData has opened an open platform for indicator development. Any developer can easily write their favorite data change monitoring indicators according to the specifications of this open platform.

KingData Open Platform are recipes to build high level indicators that users care about most, like large NFT Trade, large transfers of Token etc. Indicator write in Python.

All indicator requirements are managed through Here we can find all indicators currently in development.

How to get started building on KingData and create data monitoring that you care about. Next, we demonstrate one by one.

Developers can set their own indicators to be VIP or Free.


Everyone can follow and use it for free. After following, they will automatically receive the data broadcast.


  1. Users need to pay to become a platform VIP before they can use follow.

  2. Developers of VIP indicators can get 50% revenue sharing from VIP indicators every month.

Most Indicators on KingData are contributed and maintained by communities, and all changes are coordinated through the GitHub repo.

Next Steps

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