How to develop an indicator

Getting Started Instructions

It is recommended to read our  and Data Storage Solutions first. so as to be familiar with various problems that need to be dealt with during the development process.

Steps to develop indicators on KingData:

  1. Fork the indicators repository (button towards the top right of the repo page).

  2. Add a new folder in /crawlers/indicators/spiders/ with the new indicator name.

  3. Write the indicator's description file in the new folder:

  4. Create a new crawler file in this directory to realize the indicator requirement logic of

  5. Write broadcast template to render the params that logic code return.

  6. Test and submit the changes on your fork to the indicators repository as a Pull Request with a brief description of the changes you made.

  7. Waiting for someone to comment or merge your merge request. There is no need to have someone check your PR as it is regularly monitored.

  8. Once your PR is merged, please give the front-end team 24 hours to load your listing on the UI.

Indicators development environments

  1. Development Language:Python 3.10.4, Our recommendation is to follow the Hitchhiker's Guide to Python.

  2. Crawler framework:Scrapy 2.7.1 Our recommendation is to follow the Guide to Scrapy.

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