Demo with Socket Data

Sometimes, we have high requirements for the timeliness of the indicators. At this time, we often use socket connections with the data source, such as market price alert. In KingData, the startup of the socket is not deployed through Scrapyd, so it is slightly different, but Users only need to expose the startup method, and KingData will automatically inherit other development work into existing services. It should be noted that we need to handle various abnormal operations such as connection timeout, heartbeat, and reconnection in the program.

Indicator : BTC Price Alert

import typer
import asyncio
import aiohttp
import ujson

async def binance_conn():
    websocket = await _conn('wss://!miniTicker@arr')
    return websocket
async def _conn(uri):
    session = aiohttp.ClientSession(timeout=aiohttp.ClientTimeout(100))
    websocket = await session.ws_connect(uri, proxy=PROXY, ssl=False)
    return websocket
async def get_k_line(kline_q):
    print('binance web Socket Connecting ...')
    websocket = await ws.binance_conn()
    ts = time.time()
    print('binance web Socket Connect Success!')

    while 1:
            msg = await websocket.receive(timeout=10)
        except asyncio.exceptions.TimeoutError as e:
            print('TimeoutError: Reconnecting')
            websocket = await ws.binance_conn()
            await asyncio.sleep(1)
            match msg.type:
                case aiohttp.WSMsgType.TEXT:
                    data = ujson.loads(
                    for ticker in data:
                        # TODO Real-time data logic processing
                case aiohttp.WSMsgType.CLOSED:
                    print('Binance web Socket Connect Failed!')
                    websocket = await ws.binance_conn()
                    await asyncio.sleep(1)

===== starting program =====

app = typer.Typer()
async def run():
    kline_q = asyncio.queues.Queue(maxsize=10000)
    await asyncio.gather(

def start():

def goodbye(name: str, formal: bool = False):
    if formal:
        typer.echo(f"Goodbye Ms. {name}. Have a good day.")
        typer.echo(f"Bye {name}!")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Starting Program

$ python ./ start

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