Step2: Write describes the full requirements background of the current indicator

This document describes in detail the requirement background of the indicators to be created, as well as the relevant statistical broadcast rules. It is mainly described from the following aspects.

Create a new file in the directory crawlers/indicators/spiders/mainstream_coin_long_short_ratio. The structure and content are as follows, and fill in the content according to the requirements structure

## Support Language (Required)

## Indicator Name (Required)

## Why Create This Indicator (Optional)

## Indicator Category (Optional)

## Free or VIP (Required)

## Indicator Chain (Optional)

## Indicator Data Source (Optional)

## Indicator Alert Frequency (Required)

## Indicator Alert logic (Required)

## Indicator Alert Demo (Required)

Support Language

Options: EN, CN, EN & CN

For example:EN & CN

Indicator Name

This name will be displayed on the KingData UI, and users will judge whether they are interested based on this name.

If the indicator support two language, you need to provide names in both languages

For example:Mainstream Coin Long/Short Ratio

Why Create This Indicator

Make it clear why you want to create the indicator, who will use it.

For example:When the market changes, I want to know the distribution of long and short people in the current BTC markets at the earliest. Users who trade in the secondary market, especially those who trade unilaterally, pay close attention to this indicator.

Indicator Category

The category this Indicator belongs to.

For example:DeFi、CEX、On-chain etc.

Free or VIP

Do you want the indicator to be free for users or for a fee?

Free is everyone can subscribe this indicator.

VIP require users to pay to subscribe.

For example:Free.

Indicator Chain

The indicator belongs to the public chain, if not, fill in: None

For example:ETH

Indicator Data Source

Describe the data source for this indicator

For example:

Indicator Alert Frequency

Indicates how often this indicator is broadcast, or how often data is checked

For example:broadcast every 4 hours

Indicator Alert Logic

Describe in detail the data broadcast processing logic of this indicator

For example:1H BTC price rises and falls by more than 3% and broadcasts the liquidation data / 24H, BTC rises and falls by more than 7% and broadcasts the liquidation data.

Indicator Alert Demo

Provide broadcast text in Chinese and English. After the user pays attention to the indicator, if there is a data change in the indicator, the user will receive an indicator broadcast with similar content.

For example:


According to KingData monitoring, In the past 4 hours, BTC Long/Short Ratio across network is 0.67, with 39.99% longs and  60.01% shorts. Shorts outweigh Longs.
Among leading exchanges:
Binance: long 41.21%, short 58.79%
OKX: long 38.17%, short 61.83%
Bitget: long 45.42%, short 54.58%


据 KingData 数据监控,最近4小时,BTC全网合约多空比为 0.67,多单占比 39.99%,空单占比60.01%,看空人数大于看多人数。
Binance:做多41.21% 做空58.79%
OKX:做多38.17% 做空61.83%
Bitget:做多45.42% 做空54.58%

Other Instructions

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