Integrate KingData content into your app

Many users want to integrate KingData content into their own products, in this regard, KingData officials welcome you to integrate KingData data monitoring content, the integration steps are explained below.

Note: In order to ensure the real-time data of monitoring content, all KingData content will be broadcasted to all customers by active push. If you want to pull KingData's past monitoring content, please contact the official customer service for further information.

KingData monitors data content integration steps as follows:

Step 1: Contact customer service Telegram , apply to buy API License key.

Step 2: Prepare the url and KingData account, provide it to KingData official to receive KingData official push content in real time.

Step 3: Log in to and follow any indicators you wish to receive a push on.

Step 4: After receiving the data, parse the data format of the content pushed by KingData, the data format is as follows:

    "id": 368820,
    // Different languages of content          
    "content": {
    	"cn": "据 KingData 监控,BNB 突破 $240.0, 现报价 $240.5,24 小时涨跌幅 0.29%。",
    	"en": "According to KingData monitoring, BNB breakout $240.0, current price $240.5, 24H change is 0.29%."
    // Link to the original article, May be empty
    "origin_url": "",
    // Related images, possibly empty
    "image_urls": [],
    // current content belongs to indicator
    "chart": {
        "id": 31,
        // chart name     
	    "name": {
	    	"cn": "主流币行情整数突破异动",
	    	"en": "Mainstream coin market integer breakout variation"
    "published_at": 1687874711,

Warmly welcome to integrate!!!

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